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Finding Leaks in Your Roof

If a leak surfaces, carefully inspect the roof as described previously. Denote with spray paint any holes that you find. Also look for obstructions in the roof's valleys. (They can hold water and cause it to backup under the shingles.)

It's possible that water is intruding into your home from poorly functioning gutters. Often they can become clogged with leaves, pine needles and other debris thus forcing water to spill over and into the fascia and walls of your home. To prevent this from happening inspect and clean your gutters. In addition you may want to consider having gutter guards installed which will prevent this from happening.

If, after a thorough external inspection, you are unable to locate any obvious sources of the leak, it's time to do an internal examination of your roofing structure. To do this, you should enter your attic on a bright, sunny day. Then turn off any lights and cover any windows in the attic to darken the space. Any light then seen shining through will reveal cracks or holes from which your leak may surely stem. Be sure to also inspect the areas around vent pipes, chimneys and skylights; these are places that have had the roof decking cut and resealed, so they are often culprits for broken seals or flashing. Should all else fail, you may need to flood the suspect area of the roof with your garden hose while someone in the attic watches for the drip to appear.

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